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and strings


A cosy, elegiac concert piece for melodic vibraphone and string quintet (2xvln, vla, vc, cb - or two to a part).  This dates from 2004 and is a proper feel-good piece, easily playable.

First performed in version for clarinet and strings by Sarah Garford and Allegro Strings in March, Cambridgeshire, October 2019.  You can hear it all here!

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5 Zoo Pieces cover.png

5 Zoological Pieces

for intermediate-advanced pianists

Can you imagine hearing

hundreds of swans on a field?          

Do you think it's incredible that bats catch moths by echo?       


Do you find moths macabre but intriguing?

Are you horrified that mass-extinction is right now in progress?

2 of these pieces can be heard here

(from live recital by Natalia Williams-Wandoch)


...and 3 are programmed for the international

online nexTus Festival, 9th May 2021 along with stunning photography and a poem by a scientist!

Suite elegiaque cover.png

Also adapted for violin or viola.

Suite Elégiaque       for clarinet & piano

A very simple melodic first Elegy transforms into a more complex second Elegy; 

later two dark and brooding Meditations are interspersed by two very lively and exhilarating fast movements including a challenging Toccata.  If you want something deeply moving, darkly soulful, motivically interesting, for accomplished players of

clarinet and piano... here it is!

Viola Sonatina cover.png

Viola Sonatina

For solo viola

in 3 terse, enigmatic, motivically driven movements - questioning, intriguing, uplifting.

An excerpt from a different viola piece

can be heard here.

Plight of the Bumblebee cover.png

For 2 violinists up for a challenge:

Plight of the Bumblebee is a thrilling roller-coaster ride for two ambitious violinists.

I created it through concern for bees.  They're dying en masse, unable to contend with vast-scale crop culture and crop sprays.  This spiralling, dancing, jazzy piece teeters between life and death, yet is hugely uplifting.  If you have a violin duo partner, this makes a great exploration and great chamber performance.

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rhodrihww at hotmail dot com

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Fen Scene cover.png
Three Shakespeare Sonnets cover image.pn

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(Link to be added)

Magnificat cover.png

Piano trio + trombone + small glock (chimes)

Alternative version available for piano trio & optional glock.

(Sorry, no sample uploaded yet.)

Four Beryl Johnson Songs cover.png

Complex & intense songs for enterprising performers. 

(Sorry, no sample uploaded yet.)

Catalogue Note:


A larger selection from the very wide catalogue will be added here.  You can enquire about any genre, commission or performance.


There is music for lots of different chamber ensembles, including solo instruments, duos, trios, quartets, etc.

All is composed with the perspective of a player, director of performing groups, and teacher - i.e. with acute sensitivity to the real-time experience of playing and listening - but definitely not constrained by orthodox techniques!  Many of the piano pieces, and some of the chamber works, have been performed, but others are available for world premiere!

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