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Rhodri Williams-Wandoch,

composer, curator and writer-translator, brings people together across the art-forms to make magic and meaning.

The latest collaboration, It's the little things, has just been uploaded for you here.  In times of many sorts of darkness, Rhodri is delighted to share this nuanced and mysterious but encouraging and heartwarming, track, using the voices of diverse people on the little things that make life sweet for them.  The piece is also featured in the multi-arts sharing resource In the Time of Pandemic.

Rhodri also promotes appreciation of broad-ranging music-makers, and brings great neglected music back towards light...

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... Here are two current themes in Writings and Projects:

-Music for each season:  a series of articles using a wide range of music, with all listening-links, to delve behind the obvious about what each season of the year means to us, culturally, emotionally and in nature.  Latest:  Summer Music.

-Rhodri invites you to encounter the unique and life-enhancing work of Geoffrey Bush (1920-98),

putting together helpful writings, events, and recordings for Bush's  100th anniversary year.



-September 2021

It's the little things

What are the little things that make the sun shine inside you?  In times of of darkness, Rhodri is delighted to share this heartwarming track, just completed for your enjoyment, where the voices of different people answering this question are combined with music and sounds. 

Free to hear on Soundcloud and also featured by multi-arts sharing resource In the Time of Pandemic.

-May 2021

Three 'Conservation Pieces'

This intimate and captivating online piano recital is now available to watch for free!  Swanland I, Swanland II and Extinct from Conservation Pieces were expertly interpreted by Natalia Williams-Wandoch (@NataliaWWPiano) in a very unique recital titled The Swan's Way given for the unique nexTus Festival, 9th-22nd May 2021.  The music is choreographed with stunning photography by Paula Cooper (@iceniphoto) and a poem by scientist-poet Lynne Wycherley.  The programme also included very sincere and spirited performances of Boulanger, Brahms and Bach.  It was featured again within September's Groeneveld Festival in the Netherlands.  Rhodri is still feeling delighted to have been able to collaborate with these artists in this beautiful way.

Full video (short recital) and trailer video, plus Natalia's most recent filmed piano recital

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-September 2020

'Art has to be Contagious' variations

My contribution to Adrian Oswalt's* 'contagious' theme (!)

used in the eponymous exhibition in Tübingen, Germany.

-Here is my viola & vibraphone final variation.

-The wide-randing gallery of contributions can be heard here.


*"The melody [...] will travel round the globe with an invitation for musicians to pick it up in their own musical culture. (...) At the end of this project, a chain will have been forged which hopefully will symbolise the connections people have with each other."


Live events coming up...


with Homerton College, Cambridge

is about to be released!  21st June 2022:

Watch this space.

Events since the pandemic

Stephanie Lamprea


Lament VIII from

Kochanowski's Laments

(Lockdown performance on Twitter)

See also Programme note from score

Lament VIII cover image.jpg

Natalia Williams-Wandoch


Swanland I

from Five Zoological Pieces


piano recital for

Yatton Music Society, 29.02.20

5 Zoo Pieces cover.png


Rosalyn Hart &

Krassimira Jeliazkova-Jones        violins

Four Polish Carols

Recital for two violins, St Peter's Church, March, Sat. 7.12.19, 11am.  

Sarah Garford and Allegro Strings


Concertino for clarinet and strings

St Peter's Church, March, 9.11.19

Natalia Williams-Wandoch


Swanland I & II

from Five Zoological Pieces;

Fen Scene



piano recital at St Peter's Church, March, 19.10.19

& in 2018:


Rose Newbury, Andrew Tait, Carol McEvoy &

Rhodri Williams-Wandoch

Clarinet, piano, cello, viola

Interrupted Introduction


On Strings (ensemble & improvised dance)

Inconclusive Music

in collaboration with

20 photographic artists, dir. Mark Woods-Nunn,


Jodie Scully, dance

St Peter's Church, March, 10.11.18

In support of FND Action, for epilepsy/seizure awareness

© 2020 Rhodri Williams-Wandoch                               

Allegro Strings

Fugue on 'The Holly and the Ivy'


Wisbech Grammar School, December 2018

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